• Semester-in-Practice

    Immerse yourself in a specialty of your choice

    Our self-designed Semester-in-Practice program is an excellent way for you to earn 10 to 12 academic credits while exploring an area of law that interests you, whether in the Twin Cities or another location in the country. Through this program, you can:

    • Put your legal knowledge into the context of real practice
    • Sharpen lawyering skills you learned in class, labs, clinics, and externships
    • Build relationships in the legal community

    Program details

    The Semester-in-Practice combines a field component and an academic component for the most complete learning experience. For the field component, you determine where you want to work -- in a law office, government agency, legal department, etc. -- secure an attorney mentor at the site, and identify a faculty member to advise you. You get the chance to observe and perform legal work such as interviewing and counseling clients, conducting legal research and factual investigations, drafting memoranda and other legal documents, and at times advocating in court as certified student attorneys, working under the supervision of an attorney mentor.

    Working with a faculty advisor, we also develop the academic component consisting of:

    • Goal-setting and reflective writing assignments specific to you
    • Mid-semester evaluation meeting with your attorney mentor and faculty advisor
    • Additional reflective writing assignments common to all externship placements
    • A deep exploration of a topic of law, legal policy, or legal practice related to your placement through reading and discussions, a research paper, or other academic pursuit

    You can earn 10-12 credits based on working 30-40 hours per week.  

    Please note, you may not take more than 15 credits combined of Semester-in-Practice and externship credits.

    More detailed information about the program and expectations are included in the Spring 2015 Semester-in-Practice Guide (PDF).  Program updates for Spring 2016 will be forthcoming. 


    You can participate in Semester in Practice if you have:

    • In your final year of law school
    • A 3.0 or better cumulative GPA
    • Identified a willing attorney mentor at a worksite at which you've not already worked; Career Services may be of assistance
    • Completed or are concurrently enrolled in P3 / Professional Responsibility

    If you want to participate in your final year of law school, you must be certain that all other graduation requirements have been completed prior to participating.

    To Apply

    Spring 2016 Semester in Practice applications are now being accepted online now.  Questions about Symplicity should be directed to the Externship Office, lawexternships@hamline.edu.  All questions about Semester in Practice should be directed to Externship Director, Derik Fettig, dfettig01@hamline.edu.   

    Deadline for Spring 2016 Semester-in-Practice applications: October 26, 2015.