• Externships

    Gain valuable field training

    Externships provide you with opportunities to practice law by doing legal work in tandem with an attorney or judge mentor in private law firms, courts, corporations, government agencies, and other settings. While earning academic credit, you interview and counsel clients, do legal research, draft memoranda and other legal documents, conduct factual investigation, and, at times, advocate in court as a certified student attorney

    Classroom component

    Concurrently, you also participate in classroom sessions with your peers in externships in similar legal disciplines. These small group sessions, facilitated by experienced practitioners and educators, give you opportunities to discuss your experiences and expand your understanding of the challenges inherent in a legal career. You also complete a series of reflective assignments to support this learning and further integrate the "theory-to-practice" goals of externships.

    Externship Offerings

    A variety of factors determines when particular subject matter externships can be offered.  Before registration each semester, this page is updated to include information about the availability of specific externships for the coming semester. 

    You can also identify your own placement site, however, it must be approved in advance, and generally cannot be a site where you have previously worked. Contact the Externship Office as soon as possible if you are thinking about a self-initiated externship placement. Externship placements can be out of town as long as you are able to attend the corresponding class at Hamline, which meets five to seven times during the semester. Please note, externships provide valuable learning opportunities and are unpaid. 

    If your externship involves advocating on behalf of clients in court, please complete the Student Certification for Limited Practice form.

    Fall 2015 Available Courses
    Placements for fall 2015 externships will be made individually between students and professors after registering for the corresponding course.  Please note the Health Law Externship and Alternative Dispute Resolution Externship require 114 hours of field work for 3 credits, 150 hour of field work for 4 credits, and 225 hours for 6 credits, in addition to regular attendance at the seminar sessions scheduled throughout the semester by the classroom instructor.  

    All other externship classes will be capped at a maximum of 4 credits and will award credits based on the following hours requirements that can be satisfied through field work and time devoted to class attendance:  50 hours for 1 credit, 100 hours for 2 credits, 145 hours for 3 credits, and 190 hours for 4 credits.  

    For specific credit and classroom requirements for externship courses other than Health Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution, please refer to the information on the William Mitchell College of Law website, or contact the Hamline Law Externship Office, lawexternships@hamline.edu with any questions.  

    Fall 2015 Judicial Externships - Hamline is partnering with William Mitchell to offer this consortium class for fall 2015.  Students interested in Federal or Magistrate clerkships must apply to Symplicity job posting #15474 by NOON on April 15, 2015.  

    Spring 2015 Available Placements 

    Career Services support

    Our externship program works in close collaboration with our Career Services Office (CSO) and supports you throughout the term to ensure a positive experience. This also helps CSO officers gain a richer understanding of your interests and experiences prior to assisting you with post-graduation career placements.

    Available credits

    You can earn 3 to 6 credits for an externship, working between 114 to 225 hours at your externship site. You may participate in the externship program twice, for no more than 15 credits total between all externships and Semester-in-Practice placements.

    Registration Information

    You can register for an externship after completing 24 credits in good standing. P3 or Professional Responsibility is a prerequisite or co-requisite for all externships, except judicial. Other specific coursework prerequisites are detailed in the online descriptions of available placement sites. After registering, you can rank order your preferences for the available placements in each practice area.

    Spring/Fall Externships
    You apply during regular registration periods by substantive area of the externship (e.g., public interest, criminal, etc.). After application, you are sent a preference form to help ensure placement at an acceptable field site.

    Summer Externships
    Unlike spring and fall externships, you find your own placement site for a summer externship. We highly recommend you begin this process and submit applications early. The application form for summer externships is available now in Symplicity for Summer 2015.  The application deadline is April 19, 2015.  

    Employers: Want to become an Attorney Mentor?

    Attorneys who are interested in serving as mentors for current Hamline Law students complete an online Attorney Mentor Questionnaire. The questionnaire is used to prepare a written description of the mentors' proposed field experience which students use when they prioritize their placement preferences. Responses also assist the Hamline Externship Office in its matching of students with particular placements.