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    Hamline Law currently offers the following clinics:

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    Child Advocacy Clinic

    Represent the needs of vulnerable children in our Child Advocacy Clinic, in which you gain a solid introduction to issues that arise in family law practice. You appear in juvenile court, family court, and administrative hearings, representing the needs of:

    • Children who have been abused or neglected
    • Children subject to adoption, guardianship, or third-party custody proceedings
    • Minors seeking to live independently

    Classroom component: Develop advocacy, negotiation, and communication skills needed to work with, and on behalf of, children in the court system.
    Faculty: Professor Mary Jo Hunter
    Location: Clinic Law Office
    Offered: Fall, Spring
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)

    Criminal Misdemeanor Clinic

    Through our Criminal Misdemeanor Clinic, you gain a broader understanding of the criminal justice system and the skills needed for a criminal law practice. In this clinic, you prepare for and appear in court weekly to advocate on behalf of actual clients in bail hearings, and take on full representation for client assigned directly to you, requiring you to complete in-depth research, investigation, and litigation.

    Classroom component: Build the skills needed to interview clients and witnesses, analyze and investigate a case, and advocate in court.
    Faculty: Associate Dean Kate Kruse
    Offered: Fall
    Location: Clinic Law Office
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)
    Recommended prior courses: Criminal Procedure I, Evidence

    Employment Discrimination Mediation Clinic

    Our Employment Discrimination Mediation Representation Clinic is one of the few clinics in the country that gives you the opportunity to represent clients in mediation proceedings while getting an introduction to employment law practice and procedures. In our unique collaboration with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, you represent employees claiming employment discrimination who have been referred to mediation proceedings. The clinic complements our extensive dispute resolution curriculum with opportunities to help solve real clients' problems through alternatives to litigation.

    Classroom component: Learn the skills needed to effectively mediate cases on behalf of clients.
    Faculty: Professor Elizabeth Thompson
    Offered: Fall, Spring
    Location: Clinic Law Office
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)

    Health Law Clinic

    In our Health Law Clinic, part of Hamline Law's partnership with United Family Medicine Clinic, you represent low-income patients whose legal needs are impacting their health. You gain experience interviewing, counseling, and advocating on behalf of clients to resolve legal issues as part of a holistic approach to their medical care. The clinic is a key component of our Health Law Institute's medical-legal partnership.

    Classroom component: Gain an understanding of legal issues at the intersection of poverty and health as well as interviewing, researching, and analyzing skills needed to advocate on behalf of clients.
    Faculty: Adjunct Professor Meghan Scully JD '11
    Offered: Beginning Spring 2015
    Location: Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services Office, Saint Paul
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)

    Innocence Clinic

    The Innocence Clinic puts you on the cutting edge of scientific and social science issues that affect the practice of law in the criminal justice system while providing you hands-on experience in managing and analyzing large-scale cases for litigation. You work side-by-side with Innocence Project of Minnesota staff attorneys to investigate and litigate inmates' claims of innocence. You delve into the reliability of eyewitness identification, the problem of false confessions, the use of snitches and informants, government misconduct, ineffective assistance of counsel, and forensic sciences, including DNA testing.

    Classroom component: Discussion of cases, and periodic guest speakers addressing the general subject matter or issues relevant to specific cases under review.
    Faculty: Adjunct Professor Julie Jonas
    Offered: Fall, for a full year (3 credits each semester; 6 credits total)
    Location: Innocence Project of Minnesota, located at Hamline’s Minneapolis Campus
    Recommended prior courses: Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Procedure

    Mediation Clinic

    In the Mediation Clinic, you get hands-on experience mediating Ramsey County conciliation (small claims) or housing cases. Faculty of our nationally acclaimed Dispute Resolution Institute serve as your mentors and faculty in this clinic.

    Classroom component: Explore advanced issues and complexities of mediation, building off your, and your fellow students’, experiences in real-life cases in Ramsey County.
    Faculty: Professor Sharon Press and Lynn LeMoine ‘JD 11
    Offered: Summer
    Location: Hamline Law
    Recommended prior courses: Corporations; Tax I

    Post-Conviction Clinic

    Get a behind-the-scenes look of our criminal justice system  where defendants go after sentencing – working with attorneys in Minnesota's State Public Defender’s Office in our Post-Conviction Clinic. In this clinic, you represent four to six prison inmates in a wide variety of matters, handling them from start to finish, under the supervision of an experienced attorney. Typical cases include post-conviction motions on issues such as sentencing, restitution, conditional release, guilty plea withdrawal, parole and probation revocation, and end of confinement community notification. 

    Classroom component:
    Faculty: Adjunct Professor Cathryn Middlebrook
    Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
    Location: State Public Defender Appellate Office, Saint Paul
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)

    Small Business/Nonprofit Clinic

    In the Small Business/Nonprofit Clinic, you work with partners at Fredrikson & Byron, one of the country’s leading law firms, to provide legal advice to entrepreneurs starting businesses and representatives of nonprofit organizations. Client matters are drawn from the firm’s pro-bono program and provide exposure to a wide range of business law issues, including choice of form of ownership, compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements, contract drafting and reformation, lease requirements, scope of insurance coverage, credit record adjustments, tax exemption procedures, and real and personal property transaction documentation. 

    Classroom component: Explore problems and exercises related to the lifecycle of a business, from formation to dissolution.
    Faculty: Adjunct Professors Kimberly Lowe and Paul Jones
    Offered: Fall, Spring
    Location: Fredrikson & Byron, downtown Minneapolis
    Prerequisite/Co-requisite: Professional Responsibility or Practice, Problem-Solving, and Professional Responsibility (P3)