• Experiential Learning Clinics 

    Put yourself in the driver's seat

    Hamline Law’s clinics are dedicated to putting you in leading roles as certified student attorneys. Clinic cases are chosen to maximize your interaction with clients and foster your control and responsibility for every aspect of representation. Because clinics are taught in classes with student-teacher ratios of no more than 8-1, you receive supervision and ongoing feedback from clinic professors who are both experienced practitioners and gifted mentors. Best of all, because of the number of clinic opportunities we offer, you can take advantage of the clinics most beneficial to your future.

    As a clinic student, you complete 70 hours of case work and participate in a two-hour weekly classroom component teaching the law and procedure in the clinic practice area, honing essential lawyering skills, exploring public policy issues, and encouraging you to reflect on your experiences. You draw on everything you have learned in law school -- substantive legal knowledge, lawyering skills, and ethics -- and integrate and apply those skills to complex real-world problems. 

    Clinic offerings 

    Hamline Law typically offers the following clinics (see Symplicity job posting #15352 for fall 2015 clinic offerings):


    The clinics have a unified application process that takes place prior to registration and helps direct you to the clinic that is most appropriate for you. With instructor's consent, students who have completed a clinic can serve as student directors of the completed clinic the following semester Current Students find out how to apply for clinics.