• Mediation Center

    Providing training in mediation and conflict resolution

    Mediation Center is a recognized leader in the mediation and conflict resolution field. Established in 1981, and affiliated with the Dispute Resolution Institute since 1998, Mediation Center has a long reputation for excellence in mediation training and conflict resolution training for professionals and organizations. Collaboration with the Dispute Resolution Institute provides a blend of research knowledge and practical applications that ensure the highest quality professional education and skills-building opportunities. Mediation Center is located on the Hamline University West Campus in St. Louis Park. (Map)

    Directed by experienced conflict resolution practitioner Aimee Gourlay, trainings are led by a hand-picked team of trainers/consultants, each with at least 20 years of experience in managing conflict.

    Add Skills and Expertise to Your Practice

    Learn to:

    • Settle disputes, solve problems, and manage decisions
    • Enhance relationships and improve communication
    • Negotiate with confidence
    • Navigate workplace challenges
    • Hone leadership skills

    Professional Education Credits

    • MN State Court Certified Rule 114 training for alternative dispute resolution neutral rosters.
    • Credits for ADR, CLE, CE, CEU and others.

    Learn more at mediationcentermn.org.