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  • Family Mediation Services 

    Fostering mutual understanding and agreement

    Respected Family Mediation Program  

    For nearly 25 years, Mediation Center has been a recognized leader in the provision of family mediation services. One of our goals is to help people retain more control over decisions about their lives, while giving them practical assistance during what can be a difficult time.

    Full Family Services

    Some family-related issues that may benefit from mediation include divorce, property division, parenting, dissolution of domestic partnerships, and inter-generational conflicts. Almost any issue that arises between family members can benefit from mediation. For more information about whether your particular situation is appropriate for mediation, please give us a call.

    Affordable and Sliding Fees 

    Fees are based on an hourly rate, determined by household income. Mediation Center will provide service to anyone, regardless of income. The regular rates and sliding-fee scale for family mediation are both quite reasonable.

    Quick Resolution of Disputes

    Usually, the first mediation can be scheduled within one to three weeks after all participants have agreed to mediation. Most cases reach a resolution after 4-6 hours of mediation. Another goal of the Mediation Center is to promote mutual understanding and agreement, though any participant may choose to discontinue the mediation at any time. In court ordered mediation, a participant may withdraw after attending the first mediation session.

    Flexible Scheduling

    Mediation Center and our mediators understand that meeting during the day may be difficult for many people. Mediation sessions may be scheduled day, evening, or weekend, at your convenience.

    Co-Mediation Option

    We typically provide a single mediator, but a co-mediation team can be selected for you, if you desire, or it is deemed appropriate by staff. Often, a mediation team can create a more balanced atmosphere and can be especially useful when the conflict involves high emotions. Additional fees may be involved.

    High Quality Mediators

    Our panel has over 40 experienced, professional mediators, all of whom meet high standards set by our board of directors. Minimum training includes: completion of 40 hours of certified training, clinical supervision, and evaluation. In addition, all mediators are qualified neutrals as provided by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Our mediators have a wealth of expertise in various areas as well as diverse backgrounds and experiences.

    Role of the Mediators

    • Create a safe environment for power balance between parties.
    • Gather information relating to each individual's goals, which may include children's needs, income, budgets, taxes and property valuations.
    • Facilitate decision-making for each of the issues identified.
    • Write a Memorandum of Agreement describing all decisions made by the parties, if desired. In court related cases, the parties may provide a copy of this agreement to an attorney of their choice, to draft papers that will be presented to the court.