• DRI Course Offerings

    Since DRI's inception, we have brought to the Hamline campus during J-term and the Summer Institute the very best nationally and internationally recognized faculty actively involved in ADR practice, research, publication, and teaching.  This rich diversity of professors not only provides a great benefit to you as a student, but it also enriches and complements the efforts of our own dedicated faculty.

    January Term

    The DRI J-term includes critical dispute resolution courses that contribute to completion of several of our certificates. The term is short and the classes are intense, some meeting only four or five days from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but the learning is invaluable. 

    Summer Term

    DRI Summer Institute courses are available to degree and non-degree-seeking students. As a result, the classroom environment is a broad cross-section of law and other graduate students, practicing lawyers, human resources and business personnel, and other professionals. This intentional variety of students is designed to mirror the contemporary lawyer's work in increasingly multi-disciplinary settings.