• Certificate in International Business Negotiation

    Advance your international negotiation knowledge and skills in an inter-disciplinary, multi-national environment

    The Certificate in International Business Negotiation (IBN) gives you the opportunity to experience the dynamic nature of international business negotiation and to engage with other students in the way that international business occurs - both in person and through distance technology. This program attracts law and business school students, as well as lawyers, professors, and practicing business professionals from around the globe. 

    IBN evolved from Hamline Law's work leading an international project on what is taught in negotiation courses and it is taught with special emphasis on how best to "translate" teaching methodology to succeed with diverse, global audiences. The Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project brought together international conflict resolution scholars and teachers in a multi-year project which spanned the globe with conferences in Rome, Istanbul, and Beijing. Cross-disciplinary and international project teams produced over 95 chapters in four books and more. The project sought to change the way negotiation is taught in exciting and innovative ways ... and IBN is the fulfillment of this goal. 


    Negotiation-IBN (2 credits)

    • In-residence classes are held in the evening and on weekends to allow you to work during the course.
    • Introduces you to the skills, constraints, and dynamics of the negotiation process in the context of international business transactions.
    • Through readings and highly interactive exercises, you learn the fundamental skills of systematic and thorough negotiation preparation, the ongoing management of a negotiation process, and the identification and achievement of optimal agreements.
    • You explore the legal and ethical constraints of negotiation as you participate in diverse teams to negotiate issues typically encountered in business formation.
    • Course content is drawn from the fields of law, psychology, business, and communication.

    Advanced International Business Negotiation (4 credits)

    • You learn via synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, working and studying together with all other domestic and international students.
    • Builds on the basic negotiation principles you learned in Negotiation.
    • You examine advanced concepts, skills, and dynamics of the negotiation process in the context of international business transactions and dispute settlement through readings, discussion forums, negotiations, and group activities.
    • You engage in a series of applied and coached activities that require translation of negotiation theory into practice.
    • Enables you to gain experience in negotiating across national boundaries using distance technology.
    • Special focus is given to negotiation challenges that arise while forming a business, addressing internal management issues, conducting sales and transactions, and responding to internal and external disputes.


    U.S. Tuition: 

    • $1,260 per credit, including books, materials, and iPad.
    • A $250 nonrefundable deposit must accompany all applications. The tuition deposit is deducted from the total tuition amount. This deposit is only returned if you are not accepted into the program. The balance of tuition ($7,310) is due June 2, 2014, after which no refunds are made.
    • Applications are accepted on a first-come/first registered basis. You receive confirmation of enrollment via email. Hamline Law reserves the right to cancel the program if a minimum enrollment requirement is not met.

    Hong Kong Tuition:

    • 22,200 HKD (6 credits/3,700 HKD per credit). A limited number of scholarships are available.


    If you wish to cancel your registration, you must do so in writing. Remember that you forfeit the $250 nonrefundable deposit. The balance of the tuition is due June 2, 2014, after which no refunds are made.

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    Questions? Contact Kitty Atkins (katkins@hamline.edu)

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