• Dispute Resolution Certificate

    Enables you to develop ADR knowledge and skills in an organized, thoughtful, and scholarly way 


    The Certificate in Dispute Resolution is for professionals from all disciplines as well as degree-seeking students. Admission eligibility is based on receipt of a baccalaureate degree from a nationally or regionally accredited institution.


    Four Core Courses (9 credits)

    None of the core courses have prerequisites; however, we recommend you take Theories of Conflict as early as possible.

    Electives (5 credits)

    Choose from among the other courses offered in the DRI January Term, Summer Institute, or Study Abroad. With advanced permission, you may import up to 4 qualifying credits from other graduate institutions. 

    Tuition is charged at the current law school rate which is listed under each term. 

    Procedure for Obtaining Your Certificate

    Certificates are issued two times a year: at the conclusion of both January term and Summer Institute. To obtain your certificate, you must contact Kitty Atkins (katkins@hamline.edu) by the conclusion of the term during which you complete your last certificate requirement

    Apply now (PDF)

    For more information, contact Kitty Atkins (katkins@hamline.edu).