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    Dispute Resolution Institute

    Educating you to be a successful creative agent of conflict resolution at home and abroad

    USNewslaw-2016For the 15th consecutive year Hamline's Dispute Resolution Institute is ranked in the top 5 dispute resolution programs in nation by U.S. News & World Report


    In a world drawn ever closer by globalization, yet still fractured by historical and cultural division, evolution in conflict resolution management is critical. Thus, our Dispute Resolution Institute teaches you mediation because it provides a unique perspective on mutual understanding and creative problem-solving. We teach you the art of negotiation because it is central to both making and saving deals. We teach you arbitration because it is the global forum of choice for business.

    We offer a window into new ways of conceptualizing and delivering justice, ranging from the challenge of implementing the healing focus of restorative justice practices to the practicalities of online dispute resolution. We encourage you to actively explore questions of professional identity so you can seek the satisfaction that comes from a close connection between your work as conflict resolvers and your most deeply held values. And, we have made a commitment to explore all of these subjects and themes in international contexts out of the conviction that it is critical for you to push the boundaries of your own comfort level through deliberate exposure to different cultures and legal systems.

    Our Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) offers rigorous academic discourse, hands-on simulation experience, and cross-disciplinary examination of conflict theory, advocacy, and problem-solving in domestic and study abroad courses to challenge you and prepare you for a bright future. We are also proud to have been affiliated with the Mediation Center since 1998. 

    Master's degree and certificates provide opportunities to broaden your conflict resolution and legal education

     Our Master in the Study of Law and our certificates help you gain, or expand upon, your dispute resolution knowledge and skills. A DRI faculty advisor helps you with course planning and practice perspectives based on your areas of interest.

    Course availability

    All certificate courses are offered during the Summer Institute and January Term, and through study abroad programs in London and Jerusalem