• Workshops

    Professors provide helpful tips for excelling in law school

    Academic Success Program workshops are led by Hamline Law professors on a variety of topics to help you build skills and strategies to be successful in law school and your career. The workshops take place during LRW class time and are sequenced to build your skills throughout the year. There are generally two workshops in the fall. The first covers demystifying the law school classroom, briefing, synthesis, and outlining; the second covers preparing for and writing exams. Spring workshop topics are likely to include avoiding common errors on exams, and written and oral argumentation.

    RECENT Workshops

    Spring 2014 workshops focused on further developing the skills fundamental to success in law school. 

    Improving Exam Performance: Reviewing Common Missteps on Fall Semester's Exam Answers

    Presented by Professor Ed Butterfoss

    You have just received your first set of law school exam grades. Want to do better next time? In this workshop, Professor Butterfoss used examples of actual student exams to illustrate mistakes students commonly make and explained how to avoid these errors in the future.

    A Litigator's Craft: Persuasion in Briefing and Oral Arguments  

    Presented by Professor Allen Blair

    A litigator's daily work revolves around crafting persuasive briefs and arguments. This workshop looked at concrete strategies for enhancing the persuasiveness of written and oral arguments. We also discussed about ways in which current communication theories can offer additional insights into persuasion.


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