• Individual Tutoring

    Address your specific areas of concern

    "The tutors are well-qualified not only in their academic credentials, but also in their ability to teach. ASP isn't just for remedial work; ASP is for helping and challenging students to be the best law students they can be."
    - Lauren Dwyer, JD '13

    We have a strong focus on individual tutoring in Academic Excellence because we believe that individual instruction is the most effective method for improving your skills. We provide free tutoring in all areas of the law school curriculum, with a focus on skills development. The most common skills and topics discussed during tutoring sessions include:

    • Case reading, briefing, and analysis

    • Case synthesis

    • Note taking

    • Outlining

    • Exam taking

    • Legal research and writing*

    • Oral advocacy

    • Substantive course doctrines

    • Time and stress management

    • Academic and professional mentoring and advising

    Upon being assigned a tutor, you typically work collaboratively with your tutor to create a semester-long tutoring program based on the areas in which you need the most assistance. On-campus appointments, whether weekly, periodically, or as needed, are scheduled seven days a week, even into the evenings, directly with your tutors. Due to the high demand for tutors, please schedule appointments in advance and notify the tutor promptly if you need to cancel or reschedule. Tutors also can accommodate small groups, when practical.

    To enlist the help of a tutor, please contact any of the tutors.

    * Please see the Guidelines for students consulting with Academic Excellence tutors about Legal Research and Writing assignments.