• Academic Excellence

    Helping you excel

    Law school is hard. Even the strongest law students need help along the way. We have a developed a broad array of academic support services and compiled an array of academic and life skills resources to help you be best you can be. Hamline's Academic Excellence helps you adjust to the demands of law school, establish foundational study and legal skills, and achieve your very best in every class. And we have also partnered with BARBRI to make sure you have helpful resources to prepare for, and pass, the critical bar exam after graduation. 

    "The Academic Excellence program helped me gain a better understanding of the material through structured study groups as well as individual tutoring sessions that focused on application of the material to hypothetical situations. My first year tutor through the program became a mentor for both academic and career advice."
    - Molly Eiden, JD '12

    Academic Excellence services are not just for struggling students. In fact, about 80 percent of Hamline Law students of all skill levels take advantage of our free services that include:

    Individual Tutoring

    Individual Tutoring is the cornerstone of Academic Excellence, and connects you with a successful attorney to tutor you in areas such as study strategies, case reading, time management, and legal analysis and writing. It is free and allows you to create a plan in consultation with your tutor based on the areas in which you most want (or need) assistance.

    Appointments are generally weekly, however, you can also determine the schedule that best suits you. Our outstanding tutors include both professional tutors and alumni, all of whom are licensed attorneys.

    Structured Study Groups

    The structured study groups (SSGs) help you better understand the material you are studying in class by facilitating discussions with classmates and an upper-class student who has successfully navigated the material. The SSG Leaders help you master an area of the law by providing context. SSGs meet weekly for:

    • Contracts

    • Civil Procedure

    • Criminal Law

    • Constitutional Law

    • Property

    The groups are led by upper-class students who have excelled in law school and can serve as mentors during your law school career. Please see the SSG schedule for further details.


    Workshops on a variety of topics are presented by faculty each year to help you adjust to the rigor and routine of law school. Past topics have included:

    • Demystifying the law school classroom

    • Briefing, synthesis, and outlining

    • Preparing for law school exams 

    • Writing great case briefs

    • Persuasion in briefing and oral arguments

    • Addressing law school stress

    • Time management

    Stress and Time Management Skills

    Academic success does not depend solely on your skills in the classroom or the library, nor your innate academic skills. That is why Academic Excellence also provides support on life skills such as time and stress management.

    Studies have shown that students who manage their time well by preparing and sticking to written schedules get better grades, and manage stress and anxiety better. Good time management skills improve your law school career, and are essential in your professional life comprised of client appointments and meetings, depositions and court dates, and billable hours. There are many time management resources available on the Internet. Here are a few resources we provide:

    Feeling overwhelmed? See our Resources page for places you can turn.

    Bar Exam Preparation

    Our Academic Excellence tutors also work one-on-one with you to prepare you for the bar exam, focusing primarily on the essay and Multi-State Performance Test portions of the exam, and the areas where you feel you most need assistance. 

    Questions? Contact: Morgan Holcomb (mholcomb01@hamline.edu)