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Two New Phishing Emails to Watch For

To the Hamline User Community, from Hamline ITS:

On Monday, May 19 several people within our Hamline Google domain received two new phishing emails. The subject line of one of them is "From IRS Taxslayer Form 1040 {Action Required}" and the subject line of the other is "Re-Validate Your School Mail Box."

Please DO NOT RESPOND to these emails or click on the "click here" link they contain, as these are scams that are trying to fool you into sharing your credentials. You will never be asked by Hamline ITS or any other Hamline office to share or update your credentials by responding to an email like these.

If you have questions or have any other suspicious activity to report, please contact the ITS Help Desk at itshelp@hamline.edu and x2220.