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Advertise Events in the Oracle Newspaper

The Oracle, the independent student newspaper of the undergraduate population of the College of Liberal Arts, invites student organizations and academic departments to advertise upcoming events and announcements. For the remainder of November and the month of December, The Oracle is offering a rate of $75 for any quarter-page black and white advertisement, add $25 for full color (regularly $200 per issue), in the following upcoming issues: November 26, December 3, 10, and 17. 

Specifications for the quarter page are 4.5 x 5.5 (vertical). The deadline for advertisements is the Friday before the issue in which the ad should be placed. The ad must be emailed to Don Allen and a confirmation will be sent back. This is a limited offer and does not apply to existing agreements.

The Oracle also has special rates for half-page and full-page ads. For more information on rates, publishing dates, and specification, please visit The Oracle's website.  

The Oracle is also planning for the January award-winning magazine. If your department or student organization is interested in advertising, please call Don Allen at 612-986-0010.