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CC Assistant Misses Out on NYC Marathon ... But Makes Up For It Nicely

Adam Frye, CC assistant

It wasn't the way Hamline CC assistant coach Adam Frye means to spend his Sunday in New York. But it turned out to be a rich experience anyway.

Frye, who has run Grandma's, the Twin Cities and Boston marathons in the past, was all set out to take on the Big Apple. Although he was aware of the damage done by Super Storm Sandy, he got on his flight on Friday, November 2 and readied himself for a new experience. As far as he knew, the big race was on and he was excited and ready for it.

Little did he know what kind of experience he was about to undertake.

Shortly after he arrived in New York, Frye met up with an old friend and went ... for a run. After that, he headed to get his information for the big race on Sunday. It was there he got the news the race had been cancelled that afternoon by NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"A reporter from Associated Press stopped and told us about it," Frye said. "I have to admit it was a bit of a shock to hear it. The reporter got some comments from Frye on the matter.  The story quickly hit the wire and has run in such online publications as Salon. After getting over the shock, Frye did what all veteran runners do when they get in an unexpected jam -- he made alternate plans.

"I was disappointed, naturally," he reflected. "I had trained hard. I felt I was the most ready to run in all the marathons I had entered. But I understood why."

Fellows like Frye don't get to New York all that often. So he changed courses and spent Saturday sightseeing. On Sunday, about the time he would have been getting on his mark and ready to run, Frye was in a Manhattan park, helping to clean up the aftermath of the storm. The running club his New York friend belongs to had switched gears and was working to clean up the place. Frye said he was happy to be of assistance.

After all, every little bit helps.

"In the big picture, it was probably a small gesture," he said. "But it's a good feeling to know that I contributed something to the cause."