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Thomas Publishes Article on Gender and Education in Tanzania

Thomas, Matthew main

Feminist Formations, a peer-reviewed, international academic journal, recently published, “Equity, Power, and Capabilities: Constructions of gender in a Tanzanian secondary school,” written by Matthew A.M. Thomas, adjunct faculty in the School of Education, and Allen Rugambwa, assistant lecturer at Mwenge University College of Education in Tanzania. 

The article explores constructions of gender through a macro-level analysis of policy and micro-level analysis of practice at a secondary school in Tanzania. State-sanctioned school texts are examined, as well as classroom discourse and teachers’ understandings of gender, to show how both ‘gender as equity’ and ‘gender as power relations’ perspectives interact in schools. It also contends that the capabilities approach to social justice adds value to these dominant views by highlighting extant sociocultural constraints that limit the capabilities of female and male students.