• Undergraduate Semester and Year-Long Programs

    Undergraduate Semester & Year-Long Programs

    Hamline offers semester and year long programs in more than fifty different countries! We offer a variety of programs for language studies as well as many opportunities for students without a foreign language background. Typical time spent overseas on these programs varies from 4 - 9 months. Most students apply to participate in these programs for their junior year, although they are eligible as soon as the second semester of sophomore year and as late as the first semester of their senior year. Transfer students are eligible to apply during their first semester on campus to spend their third Hamline semester studying abroad. 

    Students should plan on completing the application process for semester and year long programs about one year before the term they would like to spend abroad. For questions please contact the International and Off Campus Programs Office.  Read a copy of the Hamline University Semester/Year Study Abroad Policies here.

    Hamline Application Process:

    1. Search undergraduate semester and year-long programs (we encourage you to first look at Hamline's featured programs which are indicated by a yellow star Yellow Star as Hamline financial aid is applicable to these programs).

    2. Review study abroad requirements.

    3. Meet with a study abroad advisor. All students applying to semester or year-long programs must meet with an advisor prior to submitting a study abroad application.

    4. Plan your study abroad budget and meet with the Financial Aid office.

    5. Complete Hamline’s online study abroad application before the application deadline

    6. Wait for a decision notice from the International and Off-Campus Programs Advisory Committee.

    7. Receive acceptance packet and complete acceptance form materials. Submit the study abroad fee in either cash or check with the acceptance form to the IOCP office.

    After Acceptance:

    1. Complete the application to your specific study abroad program provider or host institution. You will receive information about this in your acceptance packet. You must provide a copy of your application to the IOCP office.

    2. Complete a Course Substitution and Prior Approval form, if needed.

    3. Apply for your passport and visa, if needed.

    4. Schedule a mandatory Travel Clinic visit and submit the Travel Medicine Visit Confirmation form.

    5. Attend Crossing Borders mandatory pre-departure meetings.