• Going Google at Hamline University

    All in-use student GMail accounts are now @hamline.edu. 
    As of May 28th students will login to their new email at www.hamline.edu/mail 

    Your old email is being copied over for you.  To see all of your old email, you
    can still login to your old account here: www.hamline.edu/googlemail 

    Your old account cannot receive new mail.  Please do not email the helpdesk from your old email if you are having trouble - call 651-523-2220 instead.

    Current Status: Email back through Jan 2011 has been migrated so far.

    The password for your new google account is synchronized with your UserName password which is used for blackboard, wireless, network, etc. 




    Notice - Spanning Backup system is available to all Hamline users to manage Backup & Recovery of your Google files and calendars.    See Spanning Backup Help for more info.

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