• Student Loans

    Know your loans

    How much will you owe after graduation?
    What types of loans do you have and how many?

    • Federally backed or private- different options, terms, and assistance are available depending on the type

    What are the terms?

    • Interest rates
    • Length of payback periods
    • Restrictive or cost-inflicting rules
    • When to start paying?

    Identify your most valuable resources

    If you are unsure of your loan information, visit the financial aid office (located in East Hall or www.hamline.edu/fa) for a summary and explanation of the details of you specific situation.

    •  You can also view your loans on Piperline (Financial aid services>loan application history)
    •  Login and learn to navigate websites of your student loan providers
    •  Ask alumni and other recent graduates about their experiences
    •  Money Revolution is here to help!

    Create a proactive game plan before graduating

    What will an affordable monthly payment be?

    • Learn what other expenses to expect after college

     Based on a given monthly payment:

    • How long will it take to pay off your loans?
    • How much will you be paying in total interest?
    • Can you afford to pay extra in order to pay them off faster?
  • Hamline News

    In order to best keep our community notified in the event of inclimate weather or an emergency situation, Safety and Security has updated the Hamline Alert system. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in Piperline so you can receive these messages in a timely manner.

    Hamline University School of Law student Charlotte Tschider's article entitled, "Innovation in the Public Sphere: Reimagining Law and Economics to Solve the National Institutes of Health Publishing Controversy" will be published in the next issue of the Oxford Journal of Law and the Biosciences.

    The Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) invites the Hamline community to a reception for CGEE Artist in Residence and College of Liberal Arts Biology Professor Bonnie Ploger to celebrate the opening of her solo art exhibition titled, Embracing the Abyss on Friday, September 12 from 7-9 p.m. at Robbin Gallery.