• Professor Nurith Zmora

    Nurith Zmora

    Professor and Chair of History
    Professor of Middle East Studies


    Nurith Zmora is a professor of American History in the History Department of the Liberal Arts College. She has taught at Hamline University for the past twenty years. Her research and publications are in the field of child welfare in the early Twentieth Century. Her current research focuses on the history of foster care in the U.S. Over the past twelve years, Professor Zmora also directed and participated in educational projects in the Middle East supported by grants provided by the U.S. Department of State.


    Nurith Zmora believes in small class sizes with big discussions. Her classes promote active engagement with the text that nurtures lively class discussion and critical thinking skills. Students leave with an enriched and nuanced understanding of American history.

    “The great advantage of teaching in a small Liberal Arts College is that I can engage each student in the classroom in an active dialogue with his peers and with me. Due to the small classes, I can teach each student how to criticize the reading materials, and how to research, write and present their projects, which is critical for all students’ future careers.”

    - Nurith Zmora