• Professor Navid Mohseni

    Navid Mohseni

    Professor of Sociology


    Navid Mohsenis is Professor of Sociology in Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts. He teaches critical social theory, social research methods, visual sociology, and consuming societies. He holds a BS in accounting from Tehran Business College, an MS in Economics from University of Kentucky, and a PhD in Sociology from University of Kentucky.


    Professor Mohseni is coming from a diverse background both culturally and intellectually, and his goal is to incorporate them in his teaching. His classes are usually small and discussion based. He encourages students to raise questions, and share their reflections.

    “Learning to think ‘critically’ is not easy, but we learn it through open mindedness and the rituals of engagement—be it writing, or speaking. The classroom—in its physical sense—is a unique space that facilitates this process.”

    -Navid Mohseni