• Professor Mira Reinberg

    Mira Reinberg

    Instructor, Modern Languages


    Mira Reinberg is Instructor of French at The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. She received her PhD in French Studies from the University of Minnesota. She has extensive experience in teaching French language, literature, and history. Her field of interest and work include the French Revolution, Enlightenment Studies, and French film. In addition, Reinberg teaches Hebrew at Hamline University.

    Teaching Style

    Students in Professor Reinberg’s class study different levels of languages in a culturally-based method. They explore the context of the French and Francophone world as they practice their speaking and writing skills so that language becomes a means to acquire new ways of thinking.

    "I want the students to build an awareness of the connection between the concept of language and the culture in which it is spoken. Many bridges can be crossed if we understand both the similarities and differences between cultures. In our class we do it through reading texts, discussing historical and current experience, and learning to express ourselves in a new language frame."

    -Mira Reinberg