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    Meg Hobday

    Associate Professor, Legal Studies


    Professor Hobday has been teaching at Hamline University since 2006 in the areas of legal research and writing, constitutional law, and employment law. Her research focus, broadly described, considers how law shapes public policy with a particular interest in how our laws must address the needs of underrepresented populations. She has used different lenses-- criminal justice and feminist theory, accessibility, educational policy, and tort reform-- to evaluate our laws, but all with a similar underlying inquiry. Professor Hobday's recent work has focused primarily on domestic violence, with particular emphasis on what employers and universities can or should do to address the violence their employees or students may be experiencing.

    Before coming to Hamline, Professor Hobday clerked for the Honorable Gerald W. Heaney on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and practiced law for several years in a mid-sized Minneapolis law firm, representing individuals and businesses in commercial litigation, including employment-law matters, shareholder disputes, and trademark infringement. She holds a BA in Program of Liberal Studies (Classical Literature) and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame and a JD from the University of Minnesota.


    Students who take any class from Professor Hobday will be challenged to read texts closely, confidently discuss their ideas and observations, and write clearly and concisely about these ideas. They will also learn enough about laws and our legal system to be able to work in most law-related fields.

    "I want students to take an active role in their learning and come to class with their own curiosities and ideas. I need them to understand that, as with most kinds of study, law does not provide easy answers to real-life problems and may, in fact, further complicate matters. We need to embrace ambiguity and advocate for positive change, when possible."

    -Meg Hobday