• Professor Marina Gorina

    Marina Gorina

    Lab Coordinator and Chemical Hygiene Officer, Chemistry


    Marina Gorina is Laboratory Coordinator/Laboratory Instructor in the Department of Chemistry at Hamline University. She received her education in Environmental Chemistry and Chemistry Education from Odessa State University, Ukraine.

    Her role in the department has gradually increased since she started at Hamline years ago. Currently Marina is in charge of coordinating all laboratory-related activities for General Chemistry, as well as of the safe and smooth operation of all other instructional and research labs within the department.

    As a campus Chemical Hygiene Officer, Gorina is responsible for the laboratory hazardous waste management and the safety training of laboratory personnel. She’s a member of NAOSMM, a national organization of laboratory managers.

    Teaching Style

    Despite her multiple responsibilities within the department, Marina Gorina’s passion is being in the lab with the students. As a very energetic instructor, she cares deeply about students’ learning and understanding of the material. Marina’s labs are never boring!

    "When the instructor has high expectations of a student, it is a sign of the respect to that student."

    -Marina Gorina