• Professor Leondra Hanson

    Leondra Hanson

    Associate Professor, Legal Studies 


    Leondra Hanson joined the Hamline faculty in 2008 after several years teaching residential and online courses and practicing law in the Twin Cities. In her law practice, Professor Hanson has represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation in a wide range of legal matters including sexual assault and harassment, premises liability, professional liability, and housing and employment discrimination. She has also counseled businesses, primarily in the real estate industry, on best practices and policies for liability prevention. Professor Hanson earned her BA from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and her JD from the University of Minnesota. She teaches a number of courses, including Real Property, Law in the Lives of Women, Legal Research and Writing, Senior Seminar, and the department's introductory course: Legal Systems. She writes about legal education, regulations on law practice, and access to legal services.


    Professor Hanson believes in the importance of embedding professional skills in the context of the liberal arts. She focuses on teaching students to understand and interpret the complicated texts that make up the law and on giving them the tools to continue learning- as professionals or in other academic settings. 

     "I hope I can empower students to believe that the law is not the province of others. It is theirs. Theirs to find, interpret, and apply. They need tools and confidence to understand how law impacts their personal and professional lives. More than anything I want to help them find the answers they need about the legal system in order to formulate and articulate their own questions."

    -Leondra Hanson