• Professor Kevin Stanley

    Kevin Stanley

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics


    Kevin Stanley is a visiting assistant professor in the Hamline University physics department.  He received his PhD in condensed matter physics from Iowa State University after completing his MS at Clemson University and a BS at the University of Idaho.  If you take Hamline’s calculus-based general physics sequence, there is a good chance you might have him as a lab instructor as he frequently teaches those labs.  Kevin utilizes the department’s vacuum equipment to involve students in field emission research.

    Teaching Style

    Students taking classes from Professor Stanley will find him quite approachable, gladly willing to share what he knows and readily admitting what he doesn’t.  He attempts to strike the proper balance between exposing students to the more easily-digestible conceptual material that he knows they will enjoy and assuring that students become competent with any difficult details whose prior knowledge may later be expected in their other coursework or careers.

    “A significant number of students enter college oblivious to the value of certain skills that they will have the opportunity to learn, instead mistakenly attributing nearly all the value of a college education to the diploma they seek.  My first task is to get students to appreciate the worth of the skills they need to develop so that I can convince them to invest the effort necessary to master them.”

    - Kevin Stanley