• Ken Fox

    Professor and Program Director, Conflict Studies
    Professor; Management, Marketing and Public Administration Department


    Ken Fox teaches a full-range of conflict theory and theory-to-practice courses to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. He has taught, trained, and consulted throughout the United States, providing mediation, negotiation, facilitation, workplace conflict management, conflict transformation, and other related services in a variety of settings including federal, state, and local government agencies, regulated industries, schools, universities, courts, workers compensation programs, private industry, and community organizations. Professor Fox formerly practiced business and government law and also has an extensive background in adult and experiential education.

    Internationally, Fox has similarly taught, trained, presented, and worked on projects related to a broad range of negotiation, mediation, conflict management, conflict transformation, and conflict theory themes, including in Austria, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, China, Mexico, Middle Eastern communities, Northern Ireland, Spain, and Turkey. Professor Fox served as a J. William Fulbright senior specialist grantee in law, peace, and conflict resolution studies at the Riga Graduate School of Law in Latvia. He has also served as a Fulbright peer reviewer in his field of law, peace, and conflict resolution studies. Since 2001, Professor Fox has been part of a series of multi-year U.S. State Department-funded civic education, civil society, and conflict transformation projects, working in-region and directly with Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, and Lebanese educators and civic leaders.


    Professor Fox believes that every student, regardless of academic level, brings important life-experience into the classroom. He also believes that students want to learn and are willing to make the effort necessary to engage meaningfully with the ideas being studied. As a result, he takes a somewhat conversational approach to teaching. Fox limits formal lectures to a presentation of key concepts and then engages students in discussions and other activities that help bring concepts to life and make them relevant to students' own lives.

    "The study of conflict and constructive conflict response add a rich new dimension to understanding how to work more effectively in interpersonal, organizational, and societal contexts. Students find the study of conflict refreshing and relevant to their daily lives. I find class discussion stimulating and student perspectives deeply insightful." 
      - Ken Fox


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