• Professor Joseph Peschek

    Joseph G. Peschek

    Professor, Political Science


    Joseph G. Peschek has taught at Hamline since 1987. He received his BA from the University of Washington and his PhD from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. His main academic interests are contemporary American politics and modern and contemporary social and political theory. He is the author of Policy-Planning Organizations: Elite Agendas and America's Rightward Turn (1987), co-editor of Voices of Dissent: Critical Readings in American Politics (nine editions), and co-author of The Unsustainable Presidency: Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Beyond (2014). From 2002-2008 he was Editor of the scholarly journal New Political Science.

    Teaching Style

    Students taking a class with Professor Peschek will develop analytical and evaluative skills with respect to politics. This involves sharpening our ability to understand and explain politics and reflecting on the standards we use for making normative value judgments.   

    “A lot of politics is about conflict and differences. Such is life. This shouldn’t be scary but rather an invitation to discuss, debate, and probe. That’s what I want to happen in class”

    -Joseph Peschek