• Professor Jerry Krause

    Jerry Krause

    Professor, Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
    Professor, Legal Studies


    Jerry Krause is a professor of criminal justice & legal studies in Hamline University's College Liberal Arts.  He has an extensive professional criminal justice and legal background, combined with two decades of teaching experience in the areas of law, crime and justice.  He is a former Rochester, Minnesota Police officer and a former partner/shareholder in the national law firm Thompson and Knight, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Krause is the recipient of a number of awards for pro bono legal service and civic engagement.  He continues this commitment to the public good, working with a team of DV Law lawyers, filing both friend of the court and direct appeals on behalf of victims and domestic violence victim advocacy organizations.  Krause holds a BS in law enforcement (magna cum laude) from Mankato State University and a JD (cum laude) form the University of Wisconsin--Madison Law School, where he was a managing editor of the Wisconsin Law Review.


    Students taking a class with Professor Krause are expected to connect theory to practice, and to relate course content, in areas such as criminal and constitutional law and ethical dilemmas, to real life experiences and its applications to students' future professional endeavors.

    "I want students to engage the world around them as they prepare themselves for challenging and rewarding professional opportunities in criminal justice and law-related fields and to do so in an ethical an principled fashion."

     -Jerry Krause