• Professor Gina Erickson

    Gina Erickson

    Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice & Forensic Science


    Gina Erickson is an assistant professor of criminology in the Hamline's Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. Professor Erickson is a family demography; her research focuses on adolescence, marriage, stratification, criminology, and health. Before joining the Hamline faculty, Dr. Erickson worked for the U.S. Census Bureau, specializing in data security. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and History from Luther College, her Master's Degree from the University of Iowa in Sociology, and her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Sociology with a graduate certificate in Population Studies. While in graduate school, Gina received multiple grants and fellowships and served as a Co-PI on a population studies training grant. Professor Erickson teaches Crime and Justice in America, Criminology, and Introduction to Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Methods.


    Students taking a course with Professor Erickson are challenged to be critical consumers of information. Students will learn core knowledge in the subject area, how to communicate in the language of the field, and will apply the course content to everyday life. Students are often asked to share their own experiences and opinions through writing and the course discussions. Classes are geared toward connecting in-class learning to "real world" applications.

    "My favorite moments in the classroom are when things 'click' for students. To accomplish this, I use a variety of approaches, but often find the best learning happens when students talk, read, and discuss how they have experienced or seen the course topics in their own lives. I'm always amazed at how a classmate can be the best instructor in the room."

    - Gina Erickson