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  • Professor Earl Schwartz

    Earl Schwartz

    Assistant Professor, Social Justice
    Assistant Professor, Religion
    Assistant Professor, Middle East Studies


    In my years at Hamline I've had the pleasure of teaching in the College of Liberal Arts, the Law School, and the Graduate Liberal Arts Program. I am currently a member of the CLA religion faculty, and I've directed the CLA's interdisciplinary program in social justice studies since its inception in 1999. I am the author of Moral Development: A Practical Guide for Jewish Teachers (1983), and co-author, with Rabbi Barry Cytron, of When LIfe Is in the Balance: LIfe and Death Decisions in the Light of Jewish Tradition (1986) and Who Renews Creation (1993). I continue to write on a variety of topics related to Jewish literature and history. I have a BA in Jewish Studies and a BS in Education from the University of Minnesota.

    Teaching Style

    My sole vocational aspiration throughout my life has been to be a teacher. I have had the opportunity to teach at all educational levels, from early childhood to graduate programs, and in both formal and informal settings. My teaching and learning coincide: I teach what I love to learn, and learn what I love to teach, and am grateful, in both respects, to be a member of a learning community.