• Carolyn Levy

    Professor of Theatre and Dance


    Carolyn Levy is a professor of Theatre at Hamline University. She teaches directing, acting, theatre and social change, and directs each year on the main stage season. Carolyn is the Founder and Director of Making Waves, the Hamline Social Theatre Troupe. She is also an Affiliate Member of the Women’s Studies Department. At Hamline, Carolyn is an active member of the Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force and the Green Dot Team. She co-authored Until Someone Wakes Up, a play about date rape that is performed each year for new student orientation.

    In addition to her work at Hamline, Carolyn continues to work in the professional theatre as a free lance director in the Twin Cities as well as an active member of the theatrical community. She is an Artistic Advisor for Theatre Unbound where she also directs and an artistic mentor and teacher for Penumbra Theatre.

    Teaching Style

    Carolyn’s teaching centers on experiential learning. She is passionate about using theatre to effect social change and tries to instill that passion in her students.

    “When I speak about theatre and social change, I think it is important that such theatre not only raise awareness and spark discussion, even argument and make us think, it also needs to come back to the question “what are we going to do about it?” If provocative theatre is merely depressing, it is too easy to walk away sad but not ready to act...

    "The best political drama, the best theatre that promotes social change is that which either, in the play itself, or in its surrounding materials and discussions, pushes us to go out and learn more so that we can act and change, to figure out what we as individuals and as a community need to do to repair the world."

    - Carolyn Levy