• Professor Benjamin Gold

    Benjamin Gold

    Laboratory Coordinator, Physics


    Professor Benjamin Gold works on analysis of data from cosmology telescopes. He has a BS from Michigan State University and a PhD from University of California, Davis (both degrees in physics). Professor Gold was part of the science team for the WMAP project, for which he was co-recipient of the 2012 Gruber Prize in Cosmology. He is currently part of the science team for the EBEX experiment. He is the author or co-author of 21 published papers.

    Teaching Style

    Students taking a class with me will discover the amazing variety in the universe and learn the even more amazing ways in which we can make sense of it all. When I teach, I add context to the development of physics and astronomy, and encourage the students to think of themselves as scientists embarking on the same journey as professional researchers.

    “In the world today there are many important problems that depend on understanding scientific results - we all need to make intelligent decisions. I want students to have scientific literacy as a cornerstone of their liberal arts education, whatever they go on to do."

    Ben Gold