• Ann Bronwyn Paulk

    Adjunct Instructor of Art History


    Dr. Paulk is a specialist in twentieth century, contemporary, and American art, with particular interests in modernism, theory, and gender in art. She holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Iowa. Her courses include American Art to 1945, Twentieth Century Art in Europe and the United States, Women in Art, Visual Constructions of Gender, and History and Politics of Landscape. Dr. Paulk has published in journals including Modernism/Modernity and Art Criticism, and in Art in America; her writings also appear in a number of exhibition catalogs. She has presented her research widely, at venues including the College Art Association Conference, American Studies Association Conferences, Chicago Institute of Art, Midwest Art History Society, and ACTC Art History Symposia.

    Dr. Paulk is affiliated with the College Art Association and the Modern Studies Association.


    Dr. Paulk creates a rigorous academic environment intended to encourage students to question and to engage each other as they discuss form and meaning in artworks, parse readings, and investigate art’s function in the modern world. The format of her American, twentieth-century, and landscape courses is chronological, while the J-term gender courses take a more thematic approach. In each course, case studies help to illustrate concepts and movements by providing in-depth explorations of artists’ motivations, processes, and social/cultural roles.

     "I want students to grasp art’s relevance to human experience and achievement in the art world, the broader culture, and our own time and place." 

    - Dr. Ann Bronwyn Paulk