• Professor Andy Rundquist

    Andy Rundquist

    Professor, Physics 


    Andy Rundquist is a professor of physics in Hamline University's College of Liberal Arts. His research interests include optimizing and characterizing ultrashort light-matter interactions, applying evolutionary programming to solve difficult problems, and computer modeling of physical phenomena. He is the founder and moderator of the Global Physics Department, a world-wide community of physics educators that meets virtually every week. He has been invited to numerous national conferences to talk about his teaching approaches, including flipping the physics classroom and standards-based grading with voice.

    Teaching Style

    Professor Rundquist's students produce videos of their work for nearly all their assessments. They are given numerous opportunities to reassess the various learning goals of each course. The focus is on learning and demonstration of that learning. In class students work with the material to find out what resources they need. They plan the laboratory explorations to best prepare them for the assessments in the class.

    "I want students to own their own learning. Success for me is when I can back away and let them demonstrate that ownership. We work hard to try to get to that point in all my courses."

    - Andy Runquist