• Professor Andrea Moerer

    Andrea Moerer

    Adjunct Instructor, Modern Languages & Literatures


    Andrea Moerer is an adjunct instructor in the Spanish and Latin American Studies departments at Hamline. Her area of study is 20th century Mexico, and her research interests include visual representation, spatialities, and networks of people, commodities and ideas. She is currently working on a book proposal from her dissertation, Changing Chapultepec: Construction, Consumption, and Cultural Politics in a Mexico City Forest, 1934-1944. She holds a Ph.D. in History and a Master's degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Minnesota.


    Students taking a class with Professor Moerer will explore the semester's topic through discussing a variety of articles, videos and other sources. Written and verbal communication skills will be refined as students focus in on a research project.

    I consider my teaching to be that of a guide. I fervently believe in the overriding importance of love-of-learning: one can acquire proficiency if one maintains passion. My role as an educator is to establish entry points into fields of study, suggest various paths of content and analytic approaches, and serve as a content resource and as an aide in times of confusion."

    - Andrea Moerer