• Professor Alina Oxendine

    Alina Oxendine

    Associate Professor, Political Science
    Co-Director, Collaborative Research


    Alina R. Oxendine is Associate Professor of Political Science at Hamline University and Co-Director of Hamline's Collaborative Research Program. Dr. Oxendine received her BA from Emory University in International Studies (1997), her MA from Emory University in Political Science (1997), and her PhD in Political Science from the University of Minnesota (2007). She has research interests in American politics, public policy, political psychology and community engagement. She is co-author of several articles dealing with information technology and social capital, which have been featured in Political Behavior, Journal of Social Issues, and American Behavioral Scientist. Dr. Oxendine received the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP)’s Best Dissertation Award in 2008 for her research on economic inequality and social capital. Her article “City Seclusion and Social Exclusion” appeared in Urban Social Capital: Civil Society and City Life (March 2012).

    Teaching Style

    Professor Oxendine teaches a wide variety of courses exploring contemporary, domestic political issues, including Politics of Urban and Metropolitan America, American Government and Politics, and Public Policy and Public Administration. As if American politics weren’t already dynamic enough, Professor Oxendine enlivens discussions of political concepts and theories with innovative technologies and active, student-led learning.

    “In my experience, effective teaching is as much about imaginative instruction and experiential opportunities as it is about communicating literal knowledge. One of my central goals is to make the course material accessible and memorable. This creative challenge, coupled with the excitement of seeing how students will respond (to lectures, activities, or examples), is what I enjoy most about my job.”

    -Alina Oxendine