• Aida Audeh

    Professor of Art History
    Affiliated Faculty, Middle East Studies


    Professor Audeh (MA and PhD in Art History, University of Iowa) is a specialist in the painting and sculpture of 18th-19th centuries in Europe, in art theory, and the history of academies during the Baroque period in Europe. She teaches classes on a wide range of subjects in the field of Art History, including both sections of Western Traditions, 19th-century Art in Europe, Dante and the Visual Arts, High Renaissance Art in Italy, and Methodologies of Art History. Professor Audeh has published and presented widely; her book on the reception of author Dante Alighieri in the nineteenth century was published by Oxford University Press in 2012.

    Teaching Style

    Professor Audeh combines academic rigor with lively and engaging discussion. Classes at the introductory level in art history are designed to introduce students to the wide range of art in western culture from prehistory to the modern era and engage students in discussion of art's production within historical context. At the intermediate level, students engage art through examination of specific time periods and cultures, or through thematic approaches. At the advanced level, students undertake original research on an artwork of their choice.

    "Visual art has a language all its own and it's my job, as an art historian, to make it accessible." 

    -Aida Audeh