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  • Additional Licensure Programs

    An additional license can provide new opportunities and options for teachers with a standard teaching license. Meet new challenges with new skills. Add range to your current license or add a specialty area. If you currently hold a teaching license and would like to add another, Hamline offers the following:

    Teaching Licenses 

    17 license options for teachers of:

    autism spectrum disorders license (b-21)

    Special Education teachers may add an additional license to teach learners with ASD from birth to age 21. Non-licensure certificate options are available for teachers without a Special Education license or for those who want to learn more about working with learners with ASD in community and non-school settings.

    Bilingual/Bicultural Education License (K-12)

    Bilingual/bicultural education is a program of instruction in English and another language, in which the two languages are used as a means for instruction for any or all the regular school curriculum.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) License (K-12)

    ESL teachers fill many roles, providing both language and academic support to their students. They are crucial in advocating for their students within the school system and in educating their colleagues about English language learners.

    Reading License (K-12)

    The licensed reading teacher will be authorized to teach reading skills, strategies, and comprehension to kindergarten through grade 12 students.

    Out of State Teachers Online Reading Course

    Minnesota requires teachers with an out-of-state teaching license to take a course addressing standards in literacy instruction to gain their full Minnesota licensure. Hamline University now offers an accredited course for both elementary and secondary teachers that has been approved by the state to meet this purpose.

    Additional Licensure Advisor (including ESL additional licensure)
    Alyssa Vaj, avaj01@hamline.edu


    Disclosures for Discontinued Programs 

    K-12 World Languages: French
    K-12: Physical Education

    • fulbright-winner-hamline-university
      Senior Jenna Potter, an English major and German and communications double minor at Hamline, was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Hamburg, Germany. Senior Libby Otto named as alternate to Norway.
    • Master of Arts in Teaching graduate student Rebecca James had an excerpt of her capstone published in the Minnesota English Journal.
    • A piece of curriculum written by School of Education adjunct faculty member Kathryn Campbell for a British literature course was published in the Minnesota English Journal.