• Teacher Education Department

    On-campus, online, and blended to meet your learning needs.

    At A Glance

    Time to Complete: Varies according to license. Flexible scheduling allows you to continue current employment as you transition toward leading tomorrow’s classrooms.

    Program Structure: Varies according to license. Choose from courses offered on-campus, online, and in blended formats. Weekly evening and some weekend courses and daytime field experiences are offered year round. Some courses have daytime field experiences or school visits.

    Program Types:

    Initial Licensure
    Additional Licensure
    Administrative Licensure

    Curriculum: Varies according to license

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    Why Choose Hamline For Teacher Licensure?

    Reputation: Hamline has long been a leader in teacher education in Minnesota and is known for thoughtful, high quality programs taught by experienced and passionate teachers.

    Curriculum: Hamline offers an interactive, engaging, authentic, and personalized educational experience.

    Convenience: We offer several licensure options so you can choose the one that best meets your career goals.

    Commitment: Hamline is committed to developing teacher-leaders who promote equity in schools and society, build communities of teachers and learners, construct knowledge, and practice thoughtful inquiry and reflection.

    Course Schedule

    Each semester, you will receive a reminder to register for courses approximately 4 months before the start of each semester. Some things to keep in mind:

    1. Effective fall 2013, the School of Education has a policy that a course must have a minimum of 15 students in order to run; the past policy was 8 students. Please be sure to register early to secure your seat in the courses that you need. Exceptions may be made at the Dean's discretion.

    2. If a course is full, you may contact Ms. O'Brien (kobrien02@hamline.edu) to ask to be put on a waitlist. Please include the course #, name, CRN, and term.

    3. If you need to take a leave of absence from school or modify your course planner, be sure to contact your advisor as soon as possible to avoid delays in program completion. Your advisor will help you determine the quickest path toward program completion.

    Online Learning at Hamline

    Online learning at Hamline includes both fully online and blended (online combined with face-to-face) class opportunities.   Discover more about Online Learning at Hamline.

    Prospective Students / Pre-Admission

    Contact the Graduate Admission office with any questions about applying to the Hamline School of Education. Mike Hand will work with you from your initial inquiry through completing the application process.

    Graduate Admission 
    Mike Hand:  651-523-2900 or gradprog@hamline.edu 

    Current Student Advisors / Post-Admission

    Once admitted, our team of academic advisors will contact you to set up an appointment to discuss all the details of your academic work at Hamline. They will continue to support you all the way to licensure. 

    K-6 Licensure Advisor 
    Amy Filo, 651.523.2631, afilo01@hamline.edu 

    K-12 or Secondary Licensure Advisor (including ESL initial licensure)
    Kate O'Brien, 651.523.3451, kobrien02@hamline.edu

    K-12 Reading Licensure Advisor
    Julie Doyle, 651.523.2975, jdoyle02@hamline.edu

    Additional Licensure Advisor (including ESL additional licensure)
    Alyssa Vaj, 651.523.2697, avaj01@hamline.edu  

    Placement Office (Clinical/Fieldwork or Student Teaching Placements)
    Dana Coleman, 651.523.2568, dcoleman02@hamline.edu


    The Chair and Associate Chair are also available to assist you. Contact them with feedback and questions.

    Rachel Endo, Ph.D., rendo01@hamline.edu

    Associate Chair
    Bill Lindquist, Ph.D., wlindquist02@hamline.edu

    MTLE Pass Rates

    MTLE best effort pass rates for 2010-2013