• Hamline Supervisors OCE

    Hamline Supervisors

    Hamline Supervisors will:

    • Provide a systematic and consistent presence during the student teaching experience.

    • Provide program information to the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate.

    • Observe and provide feedback on a regular basis.

    • Act as a confidant for both the cooperating teacher and teacher candidate.

    • Be an advocate for the teacher candidate.

    • Help the team build good communication and facilitate positive interactions.

    • Set clear expectations; be honest about a student's performance.

    • Handle the difficult situations that might come up.

    • Schedule three-way conferences at the beginning and end of the experience.

    • Be knowledgeable in and supportive of the use of co-teaching strategies.

    For Hamline Supervisors working with UTE (undergraduate) and MAT students:

    Student Teaching Handbook
    Student Teaching Final Evaluation 

    For Hamline Supervisors working with Additional Licensure (ADLI) students: 

    Additional License Advanced Practicum Handbook (for students admitted prior to Fall 2015)
    Advanced Practicum Final Evaluation (for all non-ESL candidates)
    Advanced Practicum Final ESL Evaluation (for ESL candidates only)