• Induction Series: MAT Degree Completion

    The Induction Series, a new pathway to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, does not involve writing a capstone. Students in the Induction Series option will write a final paper focused on “Becoming a Critically Reflective Practitioner” and will present the content of their paper in a poster presentation during their last semester of classes. The Induction Series allows new teachers a supportive space to learn ways to connect practice with theory and reflect on the challenges and opportunities of teaching in 21st-century classrooms.

    The Induction Series pathway to degree completion consists of 12 total credits, of which 4 credits are taken per semester. The program consists of three 3-credit courses and three 1-credit courses. A student taking the Induction Series must register for 4 credits per semester, one 3-credit class and the 1-credit critical reflection course.

    Note that once a student begins a strand in the Induction Series, they must stay in the same strand and cohort until graduation. Students must also complete the courses in the prescribed sequence. This applies to all strands; Culture and Learning, ESL, Literacy, and Science and Inquiry. There are two reasons for this policy: first, the Induction Series is based on themes or areas of emphases that require at least 12 credits for effective learning. Second, the Induction Series utilizes a cohort model in which learning depends on developing professional relationships. Changes in the cohort can disrupt this development. 

    Induction Series Course Sequence


    Sign up now for the MAT Degree Completion Induction Series. Register via Piperline 

    Once students have enrolled in or completed their student teaching seminar, they can immediately register for an Induction Series course. 

    There are two start times for the Induction Series Option. During the fall semesters, ESL and Science & Inquiry begin; during spring semesters, Literacy and Culture & Learning begin.

    • Start Fall 2012, complete Summer 2013
      ESL Series or Science & Inquiry Series

    • Start  Spring 2013, complete Fall 2013
      Literacy Series or Culture & Learning Series