MAEd: Natural Science and Environmental Education Program Details

    Take any course(s) individually or enroll in the certificate program.

    Required Courses (23 Credits)

    • NSEE 8110 Foundations in Natural Science and Environmental Ed (4 credits)
    • NSEE 8000 The Environment and Society (3 credits)
    • NSEE 8010 History of the Environment (3 credits)
    • NSEE 8200 Ecological Systems: Biomes (3 credits)
    • NSEE 8300 Social Systems: Environmental Footprints (2 credits)
    • GED 8023 Capstone Practicum (4 credits)
    • NSEE 8495 Capstone (4 credits)

    Elective Courses (12 Credits)

    These credits can be obtained through:

    • Completion of the Environmental Education certificate.
    • Graduate-level continuing studies courses.
    • Courses in any other continuing studies certificate program, including areas such as ASD, ESL, K-5 Mathematics, Gifted Education, or Urban Teaching.
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