• Electronic Portfolio

    Each administrative licensure candidate will develop an electronic portfolio to be completed for the Exit Interview. Students develop their electronic portfolio using MN eFolio. This portfolio will be presented to a panel of licensed administrators during their final field experience course, Field Experience III: Exit. This exit process provides a forum for candidates to demonstrate administrative competence through logs, site supervisor correspondences, and the portfolio. Through this process, students will address Minnesota State Competencies required for licensure.

    A completed e-Portfolio will include the following:

    • Portfolio Introduction
    • Current resume
    • Philosophy of Education
    • Philosophy of School Leadership
    • Field Experience Logs and Letters (scanned)
    • Competency Information for each of the competency areas will include:
      • A description of the competency and sub-competencies
      • 2-4 artifacts to demonstrate evidence of competence
      • A narrative reflection for each competency