• Field Experience

    The field experience includes a minimum of 320 hours of practical experience in two or more settings, depending upon licensure type. Administrative candidates are exposed to a variety of leadership opportunities in school and district settings during their field experience.

    Candidates and their site supervisors work with a Hamline field experience coordinator during the field experience. Together they establish a plan to foster growth and competence of the candidate for the administrative role and license.
    Hamline University works with all schools in the seven county metro area and Western Wisconsin. It is expected that our candidates will build a stronger foundation for working with staff and students of varied cultural backgrounds.


    Candidates must complete a minimum of  twelve core course credits prior to registering for the field experience. This expectation provides a stronger knowledge base for the administrative role and leadership responsibilities.

    Field Experience Sequence

    Candidates can take up to a calendar year to complete the field experience.
    The following two core classes must be taken to begin and supervise this experience. These two, 2-credit courses are Field Experience I: Plan and Field Experience II: Portfolio, which should be taken in consecutive terms. (Deviations from this practice must be approved in advance by an advisor.) In addition to completing a total of 320 hours in the field, students will also complete the following for each course: a field experience meeting, online assignments, and Blackboard discussions. These courses support the candidate in their field sites, provide for development of licensure competencies, assess competency development, and guide creation of the electronic portfolio.
    When the field experience hours are complete, candidates register for Field Experience III: Exit and prepare for the portfolio presentation and Exit Interview.