• Licensure Requirements and Coursework

    Fulfillment of a Hamline administrative license includes the following:

    1. Completion of coursework (below)
    2. Electronic Portfolio
    3. 320-hour field experience

    The state of Minnesota requires administrative licensure applicants to acquire a minimum of 60 credits past a baccalaureate degree, which must include a master’s degree.

    Administrative licensure candidates at Hamline complete an Initial Leadership Assessment course that will determine development for collaborative and diversity leadership, as well as to establish a program plan for licensure completion. This also includes an initial competency assessment of the state’s administrative licensure requirements.


    Core courses: (24 credits)

    • GED 8145: Introduction to Administrative Licensure (2 credits) 
    • GED 8150: Initial Leadership Assessment (2 credits) 
    • GED 8100: Leadership and Organization(4 credits) 
    • GED 8125: School Finance (2 credits) 
    • GED 8142: Education Law and Ethics (4 credits) 

    One of the following administrative licensure focus courses (4 credits)

    • GED 8135: The K-12 Principal
    • GED 8120: The District Superintendent
    • GED 8115: Director of Special Education

    Field Experience
    • Field Experience I: Plan (2 credits)
    • Field Experience II: Portfolio (2 credits)
    • Field Experience III: Exit (2 credits)

    Electives: (varies)

    • Number of electives varies by student, but generally ranges from 0-6 credits
    • The minimum number of elective credits required is determined by two factors:
      • If the candidate needs coursework to develop leadership competencies
      • If the candidate does not meet or exceed the 60 credits past their baccalaureate degree including master's degree credits and licensure program credits
    • Transferred coursework can be included 
    • Electives are selected to develop leadership competencies