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    Did You Know?

    With more than a million veteran teachers nearing retirement, a historic turnover in the teaching profession is imminent.

    That's where you come in. Boost your value as an experienced teacher by pursuing additional licensure in one of the most hard-hit fields. Ensure the future of education while increasing your career opportunities.

    Human Relations Course for Minnesota Teachers

    This course is approved to meet the human relations requirement for Minnesota teacher licensure.

    Learn multiple research-based theoretical frameworks that increase teacher resiliency and utilize teacher experience to develop cultural competence with this new online course at Hamline University. Focus on strategies that build upon the strengths of urban learners, build community, and enhance student motivation and capability. Examine the convergence of culture and cognitive development through personal experiences, group projects and personal introspection.

    URED 7722 - Framework for Teaching: Changing Paradigm (for P-12 educators)

    For more information, contact education@hamline.edu or 651-523-2600.

    Online Reading Course For Out-of-State Teachers

    Minnesota requires teachers with an out-of-state teaching license to take a course addressing standards in literacy instruction to gain their full Minnesota licensure.

    Hamline University offers an accredited course for teachers (that have been licensed in a state other than Minnesota) that has been approved by the state to meet this purpose. Each of these courses are only offered to teachers referred to the department by the state and therefore not available to initial-licensure students.

    GED 7001 Reading Across the Content Areas, 4cr (for Secondary teachers) 
    GED 7002 Elementary Literacy Assessment for Instruction, 3cr (for Elementary teachers)

    These reading and literacy standards courses will be offered fully online each semester. For more information regarding out-of-state teaching licenses, contact Alyssa Vaj at avaj01@hamline.edu or 651-523-2697.

    Licensure Program Overview and Options

    An additional license can provide new opportunities and options for you in your career. 

    Meet new challenges with new skills. If you currently hold a teaching license and would like to add another, Hamline University offers the following:

    Birth to Age 21 (B-21)
    B-21 Autism Spectrum Disorders (new!)

    Elementary (K-6)
    K-6 Elementary Education

    Grades 5-8 Middle Level Endorsements
    5-8 Communication Arts/Literature
    5-8 Mathematics 
    5-8 Science
    5-8 Social Studies

    Secondary (5-12) Additional Licenses
    5-12 Communication Arts and Literature
    5-12 Math
    5-12 Social Studies
    9-12 Chemistry
    9-12 Life Science
    9-12 Physics

    Grades K-12 Additional Licenses
    K-12 Bilingual/Bicultural Education
    K-12 Dance and Theatre
    K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL)
    K-12 Reading
    K-12 World Languages and Cultures: German
    K-12 World Languages and Cultures: Spanish 


    Additional Licensure Staff Advisor:
    Alyssa Vaj (contact with questions about advising, courses, and equivalencies)  

    Department Chair and Faculty Program Coordinator:
    Rachel Endo, Ph.D.