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  • MnSTEP: Minnesota Science Teachers Education Project


    The Minnesota Science Teachers Education Project (MnSTEP) provides grade-appropriate, standards-based summer science workshops. The goal is to provide inclusive, convenient, reliable, high-quality science professional development for teachers.  

    Though the initial funding for the project has ended, science institutes may continue to be offered for a fee. Check back for details. 


    MnSTEP was initially funded by a Math and Science Partnership grant over three years from the state of Minnesota and was the first statewide, regional series of summer science workshops in content and teaching strategies. Over 900 teachers participated from summer 2007 to summer 2009. The initial phase of MnSTEP also included no-cost programs to earn your teaching license in high school physics (PhASE Project) and high school chemistry (ChemCAL). Unless additional funding becomes available, these two licensure programs will be discontinued once the current cohorts of teachers complete their programs in summer 2011.

    In summer 2010, MnSTEP offered a selection of its acclaimed elementary science institutes in the Metro area. Because state and private funding were not available, teachers paid for the workshops and had the option of also purchasing and doing the additional coursework for two graduate credits.

    2007-2009 MnSTEP Report 

    2007 MnSTEP Course Summary  

    2008 MnSTEP Courses Summary 

    2009 MnSTEP Courses Summary  

    2010 MnSTEP Courses  

    Future MnSTEP Programs 

    All institutes offer interactive, collegial, hands-on/minds-on experience with the science standards you teach.

    Credits earned at MnSTEP elementary institutes can be used toward the Elementary Science Certificate. 

    Read more about the PhASE Project 

    Read more about the ChemCAL Project 

    MnSTEP is a statewide professional development program for teachers of science presented by Hamline University's School of Education through its Center for Global Environmental Education in partnership with university science departments, Minnesota school districts, MnSTA, MESTA, MGS, ACS-MN. Funding for PhASE and ChemCAL has been provided by the 3M Foundation.

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