• Courage to Teach

    A Retreat Series for Educators

    Courage to Teach retreats and programs encourage educators to connect the inner life of heart, mind, and spirit with the outer life of work and service in schools.

    Participants deepen their sense of purpose and meaning, expand their capacity to listen and be present, improve their ability to build trustworthy relationships, and find more courage to live authentically. They report renewed passion for work and a deeper commitment to serving others. They gain greater clarity about their vocation, and inspiration to do their best work with their students, colleagues, and communities.

    Courage to Teach groups consist of 15 to 25 participants who gather for five quarterly retreats over a 12-month period. Together they explore stories from their own journeys, reflections on classroom practice, and insights from poets, storytellers, and diverse wisdom traditions.

    Participants are invited to reflect on their lives and work, listening to themselves and others with encouragement and compassion. Building a trusting community requires  commitment; attendance at all retreats is important.

    Journaling, individual and group activities, films, visual art, and readings encourage participants to raise questions, examine ideas, and explore the inner landscape of their lives. The invitational nature of all activities builds a climate of safety and trust.  

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    October 31-November 2, 2013
    We Teach Who We Are

    February 6-8, 2014
    Indoor Blooming - Dormancy and Renewal 

    May 8-10, 2014
    New Life, Gratitude, and Praise
    August 7-9, 2014
    Embodiment, Community and Abundance

    October 30-November 1, 2014
    On Living and Teaching in the Power of Paradox

    Retreats are held Thursday evenings through Saturdays at noon at the Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center, Farmington, MN
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    Cost and Fees

    $395  per retreat (includes lodging, meals, and materials) 

    One graduate credit is available for each retreat for just an addition $275 - Summer 2014, $283 - Fall 2014

    Scholarships may also be available. Please contact gcs@hamline.edu for more information

    Single occupancy rooms are available at extra cost  

    About the Facilitators

    Sandy Gehrig and Ron Petrich are experienced educators who have been facilitating Courage to Teach programs since 2001. They collaborate with more than 150 facilitators in 30 states and Canada through the Center for Courage and Renewal in Seattle, Washington.


    "I am amazed by what I experienced in Courage to Teach: the time to remember what I once loved about this work and why it matters so much, the chance to listen deeply to colleagues who share my passion, and the practicing of new ways to listen deeply to students and colleagues."
    - Courage to Teach cohort participant

    "Courage to Teach renewed my faith in myself, in my colleagues, and in the vital importance of my chosen vocation. I regained hopefulness, a deeper appreciation for what I have to offer, and a renewed commitment to grow as a leader."
    - Courage to Teach cohort participant


    Parker J. Palmer, PhD and the Fetzer Institute created the Courage to Teach program, piloting an approach to professional development called “teacher formation.” This approach is rooted in the belief that good teaching flows from the teacher’s identity and integrity. The formation process invites educators to renew heart, mind, and spirit and make connections between the renewal of their spirit and the revitalization of public education. Courage to Teach programs now take place in 30 states and Canada.